Sivinanda Yoga

Wednesdays : 7 – 9 PM

Course length: 6 sessions (12 hours)

Location : St. George’s International School in Hamm

Price : 205 Euros

Instructor: Penny Steffen

Course Description

This gentle Sivinanda Yoga course is ideal for beginners of all ages.

Sivinanda Yoga is based on 5 principles:

* Correct Exercise

* Correct Breathing

* Relaxation

* Correct Diet

* Positive Mind

We will be learning the different Asanas (physical exercises to stretch and energise the body), Pranayma (breathing exercises to de-stress, energise and balance mind and body) and Shavasana (total relaxation). The class starts with a gentle warm-up before the physical work and ends with a 10-minute relaxation to release tension and bring balance and harmony to mind and body. The classes are small with individual attention so everyone can progress at their own pace.

Please bring a yoga mat and a small cushion or a rolled-up towel to sit on during the breathing exercises. Socks and a warm top or cover are recommended for the final relaxation when the body temperature drops.

A minimum of 4 persons is required for this course to take place..


I have been doing Yoga since 2008 and I gained my qualification to teach Sivinanda Yoga in 2017. Over the years Yoga has become an integral part of my daily routine and as I have become physically more flexible and mentally more adaptable, the quality of my life has improved significantly.
Yoga can help you to let go of stress and tension, alleviate headache and back pain, strengthen/tone muscles, increase your lung capacity, improve circulation, digestion, balance and coordination.
By using breathing techniques to let go of your thoughts, you will learn to tune in to your body and find inner peace. I would now like to share my experience with you.
The classes will be in English - I speak English, French, Spanish and some Luxembourgish if translation is needed.