Mondays 7-9pm, starting Monday 3rd February

Course Length:6 sessions

Location : St. George's International School in Hamm

Price: 205 Euros

Instructor: Angeliki Kostaki

Course Description

Pilates group class

  • basic level and intermediate
  • no need for special equipment

Pilates is low-impact flexibility and muscular endurance exercises, targeting specific muscles, while the body is accurately aligned. Pilates movements include stability, strength, mobility and stretching exercises, aiming to help you achieve a balanced body. Re educate your posture, improve your flexibility and move efficiently!

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Angeliki is a qualified Physiotherapist, MSc from Greece with clinical experience in the UK and Greece. She is also a certified APPI Pilates Instructor , with additional training on Ante / post natal Pilates. She admits she is a Pilatesholic! As a physio she has worked in various areas, with a specialisation in Musckeloskeletal Injuries. Currently she is lecturer in Physiotherapy at Lunex University in Differdange.

Come and meet her on the mat!