Sewing Machine Basics - Level 1

TBC for Autumn Term

Course Length :6 weeks (12 hrs)

Location : St. George's International School in Hamm

Price : 205 Euros

Instructor : Rebecca Ray

A class for those who wish to be more confident in using a sewing machine.

Perhaps you have acquired a sewing machine and wish to know how to use it properly but would like someone to show you how? Or perhaps you are a little rusty in your knowledge of how to use your sewing machine, fear not! I can show you!

During this course you will learn how to thread the machine, wind a bobbin, learn how to use those strange looking metal items that the machine came with (zipper foot, button foot, etc) learn the difference between a straight stitch, zig-zag stitich, stitch lengths, stitch widths and what and when to use them!

Learn also how to maintain your machine to keep it at it's best.

You will be making small items such as cushion covers, a drawstring bag, placemats, a sewing machine cover or what ever else takes your fancy

A minimum of 4 people is required for this class to take place.

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Rebecca has been crafting (knitting, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery) on a hobby basis for most of her life. After inheriting her grandmothers sewing machine a few years ago, her interest in Patchwork and Quilting shot through the stratosphere! But before she could become fully accomplished, she had to learn how to use the sewing machine to get the results she needed. Self taught, Rebecca can show you what she has learned along the way and hopefully put you on the same track!